Fire at Will

Our little town has a volunteer fire department.  We have an air-raid siren that goes off whenever there’s a fire. Recently it seems to be that I’ve been hearing that siren a lot more.  The other day there were two sirens back to back.

So what does this town do when there is more than one fire at a time?  I don’t even know where the next fire department is.  It’s no closer than ten miles I’m sure.  Does the team split and just try to contain each blaze until help arrives?

When our house caught fire, we had four different fire crews from three townships and the California Department of Forestry show up.  Of course our house caught fire while there was a major wildfire nearby (completely unrelated to our house fire which was caused by an electrical fault).

I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have their house catch fire during a major disaster.

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