Enter Testing

A while back I posted about periods of blessing being followed by periods of testing.

Enter the testing.

We had to rescind our offer on the house we were purchasing.  I won’t go into details.  Suffice it to say it wasn’t a safe place for my family.  I thank God for revealing this to us, through our new friends and church family, before the sale was completed.

We are now four days from our projected launch date and have nowhere in Holdrege to life.  Both we and our realtor have been diligently, almost frantically, searching for something appropriate (big thanks to Lori Ferguson of the Real Estate Connection in Holdrege, NE).  So far, no good options have presented themselves (or been unearthed by diligent effort).

I called and spoke with my father and former pastor last night and with my new pastor this morning (I think I read somewhere about plans succeeding with many advisers).  Our viable options are currently as follows: staying here until we can secure a new home, or my going out while Jenn and the kids remain here until I can secure a new home.

Please pray that we will trust in God for all thing and decide with wisdom.

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