Encouraging Missionaries

My cousin Mark (a Ph.D. student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.) recently posted a great article on encouraging missionaries.  As one who has been on several short term international mission trips and served four years on mission in the mountains of northern California, I can say that he’s really hit the nail on the head.  Several nails in fact.

As his wife observed in her blog, “Many of the suggestions they gave were very helpful, and things that I would have not thought of myself.”  As I read the article there were several items that made me think, “Yea I wish I’d had that these past four years.”

Read the complete article here:


1 thought on “Encouraging Missionaries

  1. I’ve looked at the link you provided a few times, but haven’t clicked on it because I was scared of all the difficult things it was going to ask me to do. I was surprised at how “small” most of the items on the list really are.

    This might be the “duh” statement of the day for me – but as I read them, I thought, “These are things that would be really nice to receive for myself.” The “duh” in that is that while I’m not doing it overseas, the work I’m doing is very much missional and it should make sense to me that the things that would encourage me would encourage others.

    I can’t, of course, support every missionary out there, but there are a number who come to mind right now who I can begin to support more conscientiously.

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