Doing What I Don’t Like

I did something out of character today.  I ran … and no one was chasing me.  I ran a mile in fact, without stopping … and no one was chasing me.  (Those who know me have probably heard me joke that I only run when someone is chasing me that I don’t think I can take.)  What could bring about such a radical course of action?  Two thing really: high cholesterol and an increasing circumference.  For these reasons I did something extreme; I signed up for Boot Camp at the YMCA.

Yes, this morning I had my butt kicked.  Several folk asked how my first day was.  Well, it wasn’t as bad as I feared, but I’d be lying if said I had fun.  I’m committed to seven weeks of group exercise (despite having nasty PE and PT flashbacks) because I love my wife and kids (and I refuse to become that stereotypical overweight preacher), not because I enjoy it.

Now, what I do enjoy is getting back home before seven while the family is still asleep with my blood pumping, already showered and ready for the day.  That does feel good.  So, “eye on the prize” as it were.

Here we go.

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