Disturbing Dishwasher

I am a little disturbed by the dishwasher in our new house.  It’s a portable (or whatever they’re called).  The kind that’s not built in, but hooks up to the kitchen sink.  When it’s draining, a sudden gush of water issues forth followed by ever diminishing amounts being spewed forth.  It puts me in mind of vomiting.

5 thoughts on “Disturbing Dishwasher

  1. Hey Jason,
    I have a couple of options.
    1) Set the thing up and leave the room/house.
    2) Do the dishes your self. It keeps your hands clean!

    God bless as you adjust to your new home and ministry.

  2. Turns out the thing doesn’t do a great job. Might not be the fault of the dishwasher. The previous owners apparently weren’t diligent in keeping up the soft water system, so the plumbing has some scaling issues and the machine may be a bit clogged. For now we’ve decided to wash them by hand and use the DW as a dish drainer/drying rack.

  3. Yea, Jenn and I need sit down and determine what we want to fix/improve on the house and the order of priority.

    To Do:
    Contact Holdrege Soft Water re having the softwater system checked out and service started.
    Clean/descale dishwasher

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