Confession Time

Okay, I admit it. I’m a total geek. I play old school Role-Playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons (Basic through 2nd Edition), GURPS, and Palladium RPG. I play World of Warcraft and played EverQuest before that though lately I’ve been playing MineCraft more because I’m in a “build it” mood. I did download Hack / Mine which turns MineCraft into a sort of RPG.

It pains me to tell my children to get off the computer and get back to real life, but it must be done. Learning balance was, um, is hard for me. I love laughing at shows like “The Guild” but I can see my kids growing up to be totally engrossed in virtual reality and forgetting the real world if I don’t intervene. But that’s kinda like putting the inmates in charge of the asylum.

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