Color Coordination

Dudes, color coordination is not just for chicks.  Here are some basic principles when dressing up a bit (so I’m not talking about lounging in a pair of Jeans, T-shirt and combat boots here).

  • Socks: Sock color should match your pants, not your shirt or shoes.
  • Shoes: Wear brown shoes with brown or blue pants/suit.  Wear black shoes with black or gray pants/suit.
  • Belts: Match your belt to your shoes.

* More on overcoats and hats later.

10 thoughts on “Color Coordination

  1. To my knowledge it’s not necessarily a fashion faux pas for women. For men, however, other than that one brief tragic decade, it has almost universally been and continues to be a “no no.”

    There is difference of opinion regarding patters, whether they should ever be used or not. It is generally agreed, among those who accept their use, though that in the case of patters the base color of the sock should match the pants and the pattern should match the shirt.

    There is also some disagreement as to the exact shade of color matching or not. Some say for all but black, the sock color should be a shade off of the pant color.

  2. As a complete fashion anarchist, I typically don’t match anything according to proper fashion rules. At any given moment, I wear what appeals to private whim, but usually what comes randomly next from the stack in my dresser drawers. I don’t own a suit and won’t wear one for any occasion or person living or dead. I confess I may still have one tie buried in the bottom of my military winter clothing duffle bag. Tell me what the uniform is so I can flout it. 😀

    Right now, I’m wearing yellow hospital scrub pants and a red pocket t-shirt. On my feet are Okabashi sandals I got cheap at the VA hospital canteen.

  3. Then you can be like me. I only have black shoes and black socks and a black belt. I do try to match the pants and the shirt. At least somewhere on the shirt will be the color of the pants. that sometimes is left to the imagination!

  4. “Match” means “I’m wearing a red shirt with my blue jeans, so I’m going to wear red socks, even though that little bit of red between my blue jeans and dark shoes is going to really stand out in a freakish sort of way.”

    “Coordinate” means I have a number of different color socks that all work well with my blue jeans, while none would look off, I tend to wear the earth-toned socks with earth-toned shirts/sweaters and cool-toned socks with cool-toned shirts.

    I wear open-toed sandals year round, so sock color becomes even more important. The point is never for the socks (or lack thereof) to draw attention.

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