Church Visit

Its strange, when you’ve been in vocational ministry for eleven years, to suddenly find yourself visiting new churches.  We visited a couple churches after closing the doors to WBF back in September, but have been regularly attending one particular church close by.  Today, however, we are visiting a different church with some friends of ours.

I’m glad we’re going, but I must say, I hate visiting a new church for the first time.  I have a new appreciation for what visitors go through.

1 thought on “Church Visit

  1. After serving professionally on church staff several places, I find visiting churches to be very hard work. I have to tolerate a ton of checks and questions totally irrelevant to me personally. I find most welcoming systems are terribly unresponsive, in that they too often seem to expect the worst of you. That’s the subtle message I’ve gotten in the past, even after I made it clear I was not an appropriate prospect for whatever head-hunting they were practicing.

    By the same token, we see much criticism for places which seem to take no interest in your “spiritual condition.” Coming in the door is not the time to ask. There is such a thing as driving people away by excessive zeal, as much as by lack of interest. Whatever happened to a discerning member taking the time to simply welcome someone, and leave it in God’s hands to reveal the needs when the time is right?

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