Charge It

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Most of us are somewhere in the middle with leanings and tendencies one way or the other.  But which are you?  How do you know?

Without going through all the technical jargon, personality profiles etc., here is a simple way to gauge yourself:

Where do you get your energy?  How do you recharge your batteries, so to speak?

  • Introversion and extroversion doesn’t have as much to do with whether you like being around people or not as it does with where your energy comes from.
  • You can like being around folk but at the end of the day feel worn out like you’ve just run a marathon.  Conversely, you may love to take long walks by yourself to think or just for some peace, but after a while you need an energy boost and find that (perhaps unconsciously) by hanging out with friends.

I am an introvert.  Yet I used to be a professional stage actor.  I have performed all over the country and have better than two thousand performance credits and over seven hundred different characters to my name.  I loved the thrill of opening night and getting out on stage.  Afterwards, however, I would crawl into a hole as a wave of something akin to depression washed over me.  My energy stores were depleted.

I have been in vocational ministry, either as worship leader or pastor for more than ten years.  I am very high energy and can overwhelming when excitement takes over (and few things excite me like the Word of God).  Yet after Sunday services are over, the kids fed and tucked in for naps…I grow melancholy. I need time alone to recharge my batteries.  One reason I tend to stay up too late is (despite my being a morning person, not a night owl) is that some days the evening after the kids are in bed is the first quiet time I can get in the day.  It’s the first chance I get to ponder the day and allow things in my brain to settle.

So where are you?  Do you get jazzed by crowds or by solitude?  Where does your energy come from.  Now…make some time to regularly recharge.

2 thoughts on “Charge It

  1. I am definitely introverted. It was some time ago I realized I am not called to pastor, but to teach and lead in other ways. If I don’t get regular doses of solitude, I cannot function. People are work for me, though a much loved work.

  2. I used to refer to myself as an “outgoing introvert.” I love people. I enjoy being with people. I have a job that makes me stand up in front of people and requires me to walk up to people I don’t know and start conversations. But it’s hard work that drains me and I need to go home to my solitary studio to recharge.

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