Build the Wall

…the wall had been built and I had set up the doors…[t]he city was wide and large, but the people within it were few and no houses had been rebuilt. (Nehemiah 7:1, 4)

At first it struck me as odd that the a city’s walls would be build before any houses.  The ordinary progression of development had a small settlement growing into a larger settlement and finally adding a wall around said settlement for the protection of the inhabitants.

Then two things occurred to me.  First, Jerusalem wasn’t a new settlement, but an existing settlement that had been destroyed.  Second, I remembered visiting the construction site of a house in Thailand as a boy.

The wall was built and gate in place but the house was yet unfinished.  As a boy I found that odd and asked about it.  It was explained to me that the wall was almost always the first thing built in order to protect the tools and supplies needed to complete the house from thieves.

The dangers and threats the Jews faced upon returning to Jerusalem necessitated they build a strong wall for the protection of the people and their supplies even before they rebuilt their ancestral homes.

Before starting any new endeavor, build a wall around it in prayer.  Whether it’s a new military deployment, new job, moving to a new town, getting married, having a child, or simply starting a new school year – build a wall around it in prayer.

Prayer is an all too often neglected spiritual discipline.  At WBF we’re beginning a four part series on Spiritual Disciplines.  I’ll try to keep y’all posted as we go through it.

2 thoughts on “Build the Wall

  1. I minister with/among men and women in recovery. One of the first things we do is start rebuilding appropriate walls that have been torn down.

    Scripture and prayer (among other spiritual disciplines) are part of those walls. We need to defend against the lies of the evil one. Before we even do that, we sometimes need some heavy walls just to block out the object of our addiction.

    Jesus, the person, is the defense and defender, but the application of that defense comes in the form of spiritual disciplines.

  2. Thanks for the insight.

    We began last Sunday a four week series on the spiritual disciplines of Prayer and Fasting. Studying these disciplines has been challenging.

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