Many years ago, on a date, I took my wife to Build-A-Bear workshop.  It’s kinda neat, being able to select the bear (or other stuffed animal) of choice, stuff it to a thickness you desire, dress it etc.  It became a tradition or right of passage of sorts.  Maggie and Abbie both have animals from Build-A-Bear (though Maggie’s is a cat and Abbie’s a dinosaur).  You get just what you want.

Many years before that I purchased my first laptop from Gateway.  This was back when it was a good company with kick-butt customer service.  Again, the whole idea was, build the computer you want.  Pick and choose your components etc.  I got exactly what I needed (and a few extra bells & whistles just because).

There are three different smart phones I’ve been looking at.  I like various features of all three, but not all features of each (or rather, not one phone has all the features I want).  Each also comes with certain restrictions I’m not thrilled with.  I wish there were a “Build-A-Smartphone” workshop.  Select the case, the memory, the OS, the applications, the features and even the service provider.

That would be worth a trip to the city for.

2 thoughts on “Build-A-Smartphone

  1. I want an iPhone with a tactile keyboard on the Verizon network.

    Right now, I carry two devices – a fairly basic phone for calls and text messages and an iPod touch for all the “smart” stuff. The downside to the iPod, is that I’ve bought too much iPod specific software to bother switching to a non-iPhone smartphone. Apple has me over a barrel. And they know it.

  2. Caedmon, if it makes you feel better, most of the other platforms don’t have as compelling of software anyway. Android is really the only thing interesting going on outside of the iPhone OS ecosystem, it seems to me.

    As much as I have gotten along fine with hardware keyboards on the Droid, Palm Pre/Pixi and various other phones, I still find the software keyboard on the iPhone approximately as efficient, for what it is worth.

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