Breaking In A New Notebook

For years I’ve kept a small notebook either in the breast pocket of a shirt or in the back pocket of my pants.  Even in an age of increasing technology and despite my moving to an increasingly paperless (or paper low) office I find it helpful to have these little hard copy notebooks handy.  I can whip them out and quickly jot down whatever it is that has caught my attention faster than I can grab my phone, find the app, then type or draw whatever it was.  Later in the day or at the start of the next I often transfer whatever it was to device of my choice.

I used to use Moleskine notebooks, but I’ve never been a brand loyal person and found these little jobbers for much less.  Anyway, I had to break out a new one since my last one went through the wash.  It is actually the second of my notebooks to die that way.

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