Book Plug: Crazy Love

I just finished reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Amazingly challenging and convicting book. Seldom do I run across a book I wish I could have everyone in my church read, but this is one. Every so often we need someone to say “The Emperor has no clothes.” This book helped me realize how complacent and comfortable I have become. It’s caused me to re-read scripture and face some of my eisegetical flaws. It challenged may faith, and what’s more, the practice of my faith on so many levels.

I heard about the book some years ago, but never felt compelled to read it. I got it recently because the ebook version was available for free from Amazon and Vyrso (so I got both – hey it was free). Now I wish I’d read it sooner. And I’d pay money for it (which is saying a lot).  In fact, I’m going to get a copy for our church library on my own dime. It really is a must read.

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