Bobbing for Christians

I had the great privilege of baptizing one of the youth today.  This student has not had the easiest time of things.  Her conversion was not instant, nor was it flighty.  She has asked me rather deep and serious questions.  She has wrestled with God and is daily working out her salvation with fear and trembling.  She was definitely trembling as we climbed into the dunk tank today.

Rabbit Trail: The water was warm.  My thanks to all those people who do all the behind the scenes things at a church with little regard or appreciation.  Someone filled the baptistry and made sure the water was warm.  Someone else drained it.  What a great church.

We have several folk newly attending our church who come from different Christian traditions.  Even the student in question comes originally from a different background.  There were more than a few folk who might not understand why we do what we do in the way we do it.  This being the case I felt it prudent to briefly explain some of our idiosyncrasies concerning baptism (i.e. the Baptist view of baptism – is it just me or is that a strange phrase?).

Auf jeden Fall, it went well.  Nobody drowned.  She had a lunch afterwards with pictures, presents, etc.  It was nice to be a part of that.  And once again, during the time I was actively ministering (whether on the praise team, leading hymns, or baptizing) my nasty headache was gone.  God brought me through it and got me home where I could lay down for a half our and kick it.

God blessed me today by using me to bless another family.

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  1. One of my fondest memories was working through a church just outside the gate where I took basic and advanced training in the military. That meant I was just passing through, and membership of said church would be pointless, especially since I could not possibly attend regularly.

    My home church considered me a missionary to the military and supported me, contacting the church outside the base on my behalf. The point was, one of the fellows in my training unit wanted to be baptized by me, and the local church allowed us to use their baptistry during Sunday morning worship. Great support, and I told praised them for it publicly, referring to them as “mission-minded.” They also accommodated a few other special requests I made.

    Since then, the church was forced to relocate and I have yet to find them again.

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