Not having cable or satellite television, my wife and I watch a good deal on Hulu.  For the few of you who do not know, Hulu is a website that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies.  Sort of harkens back to the day of broadcast television.  The adds pay for the content and broadcasting, not the viewer.

Most of adds on hulu are just plain stupid (then again I think most adds in general are just plain stupid).  There are a few that torque me off.

The latest to annoy me is one by McAffee’s Stop H*Commerce about Bluejacking.  And that’s what annoys me.  It’s not about bluejacking.  It’s about bluesnarfing.  There is a difference…a big, bad, mean, legal and moral difference.

Bluejacking is simply the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs or laptop computers.  Usually this is done by sending a vCard (address book contact) with a message typed in the “Name” field.  That’s pretty much it. It’s not much different to slipping an anonymous note into someone’s backpack or locker back in school.  While some people choose to use bluejacking to upset people (nasty messages or pictures etc.), most bluejackers aren’t like that.  The point here is that even if you receive a nasty message, your phone, computer, etc. has not been compromised as the H*Commerce advert implies.

What the McAfee folks are really talking about is bluesnarfing.  That is using bluetooth technology to illegally hack into a person’s bluetooth enabled device and steal data.

McAfee’s H*Commerce adds are completely misleading.

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