BlackBerry Launcher for

While I’m slightly disappointed that Logos has yet to develop a full app for the Blackberry, I am glad they have at least created a BlackBerry Launcher for  Through this portal I’m at least capable of accessing my base package, which for me usually means reading the Bible or one of the ministry books during those times when I don’t have my laptop or Kindle available to me (which is rather uncommon).  I’m not sure I’d really utilize such a small tool for in-depth research in any case.  Of course, there are numerous things I never thought I’d use or find useful until I tried it (the Macintosh computer is one of them).

I have’t used the BB/ app extensively yet.  We’ll see over time how much I use it.

Incidentally, someone observed that there is a Kindle app for the BB.  Yes there is, and I have it installed on my BB.  Unfortunately, the majority of books I have on my Kindle were not purchased from the Kindle store.  I have literally (no exaggeration) thousands of ebooks on my laptop.  I use an application called Calibre to manage and convert this books to Kindle format.  Unfortunately this means I cannot use “whisper sync” to keep all my mobile devices updated with these books.

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