Bad Day

Today was, in a word, horrible. It started at 4:00AM when I awoke with a migraine. I took my meds only to vomit them up. Nothing I tried helped either the headache or continued vomiting. At 9:30 i finally asked my sister to take me to an urgent care facility she knew of. They gave me shots for both the pain and the vomiting. We got back to my sister’s house just before noon whereupon I took my headache meds (as the shot hadn’t totally removed he pain) and crashed. I literally slept the day away.

We had planned to go into Old Town Sacramento and sight see, visit the train museum, etc. That plan was shot all to hell. Even now, at 9:30 PM I’m still not feeling up t scratch and as soon as I finish this post will be sacking back out.

Oh, and I’m starting to feel nauseous again 🙁

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