Back From a Mens Retreat

I spent Friday & Saturday as the guest speaker for a local area men’s retreat.  A good time was had by all.  The food was good, we had some great conversations, we even had a baptism in a stream.  I’ll try to post throughout the day the messages that I gave.

Here are some insights I either gained or were reminded of:

  • I love teaching the word of God. As I drove away there was an overwhelming sense of rightness, of a job well done.  I poured my life this weekend in to doing what I was created to do.
  • The weekend was not draining or exhausting despite having to be around so many people for so long (I did take a short nap mid day Saturday).
  • Teaching and training God’s people for service is needed so very badly.  I would love to travel from church to church, area to area, instructing and challenging His Church as needed.
  • I missed my family and they missed me.  Abbie just rested in my arms and cried for a while last night when I got home.  If were to engage upon a traveling ministry, I would need them with me.

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