August 14, 2012

Writing comes in fits and starts. Days, weeks, even months can go by without my writing anything, not even in my personal journal. Suddenly I’ll pick it up again and create three posts in a day. And this state of affairs may continue for a short spell before silence once again falls. This used to bug me. I felt it was a betrayal of some kind (of whom I’m not sure). I’d begin the first post after a long hiatus by apologizing for my absence (for the benefit of the two people who actually read my blog).

I got over it.

I write for me. I’m not sure why I write – some catharsis of some kind I’m sure. If people find something amusing, inspiring, entertaining, or whatever in the organization of these electrons, then shiny. If not – well, I don’t much care.

Today’s writing is probably prompted by the oxycodone in my system. We have four sick people in the house (including myself) topped off by a low-grade migraine. On the plus side, Jenn made for dinner, the best chinese food I have ever tasted in my life! The only reason we stopped eating (okay, the only reason I stopped eating) was because we ran out. We usually have left-overs. It saves money to cook more and eat it for days. Unfortunately Jenn made it too good so there are no left-overs.

Dessert tonight is brought to us by M who made them all by herself without any assistance while Jenn napped. And they have her own special flair. The recipe called for vanilla extract. M couldn’t find the vanilla extract so she used lemon extract. I’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie with lemon extract. It’s not bad, just … different.

Okay, that’s all for now.

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