Are You Sure You Want to Work from Home?

A little while ago I helped draft a remote work policy for the computer company I work for. I had to do a lot of research and reading up on the pros and cons of remote status. Below is a link to an interesting short article on working from home (or working remote). Only one of these concerns could be an issue for me (distractions) but I’ve learned organizational techniques to mitigate against that. Keep me moving in the right direction.

5 Signs You’d Hate Working From Home

Personally, I love working remote with the occasional office visit. In general I’m more productive with a much higher job satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Are You Sure You Want to Work from Home?

  1. On the one hand, I have no choice. It’s the nature of my work that I work from home. On the other hand, I have little trouble getting things done to the satisfaction of those who use my services. I’m rather driven to perform because I love what I do.

  2. My current employer is looking into moving over to the Work from Home environment. When I first found out about it I was all gun-ho, I mean who doesn’t dream of sitting in their PJs while being productive and getting paid for it! However, as the time gets closer and closer to testing it out I find that I feel a little less enthused about it. The department I work in would be a great fit for the Work from Home environment and it is believed that we are going to possibly be the second round of testing group. Now as time has passed and I have had a good amount of time to think about it, the whole situation makes me worry a bit. I like being able to come in to a “9 to 5” job and I worry that by staying at home I would struggle to get my job done. Being a single mom and the craziness of life would play a big role in the level of distraction I would feel. Who knows though, maybe I would be a good fit. I won’t know until I try it 🙂

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