An Inconvenient Truth

I think I must face the fact that my iPod Classic is no longer useful.  This saddens me.  It’s not even a year and a half old, but it will not sync properly (consistently ejecting prematurely from the computer, lossing data, needing to be reset & reformatted) and frequently skips to the next song after only a few seconds of play.

I realize it’s been dropped a few times and has the scuff marks to show for it, however, my previous iPod 4th Gen. is still going strong despite repeatedly being dropped not only by myself but by my daughter to whom I gave the device when my wife gave me my Classic.  And that’s another reason I’m bummed.  This was an anniversary gift.

I neither can nor am inclined to replace this device.  I suppose I should just get an adapter to play music from my Blackberry Storm2 through my Jeep’s stereo system since it doesn’t connect with the iTrip.

I really did like that iPod.  Alas it has ceased to function properly.

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