Amie Update

When Amie went into the hospital yesterday she not only had pneumonia, she was also very dehydrated.  They placed her on an IV drip to rehydrate her as well as feed antibiotics intravenously.

Today the pneumonia had grown and her white blood cell count was up.  This was to be expected as they rehydrate her.  Her fever, however, has decreased and she’s looking and sounding much better.

Today after school, Maggie, Abbie and I went over to the hospital to see her.  I spotted Jenn for a few hours so she could come home for a bit.  Hopefully Amie will be able to return home tomorrow.  If not, I’ll be staying at the hospital with her tomorrow night so Jenn can come home and sleep in her own bed (apparently hospital beds aren’t the most comfortable things in the world).

While I was there the nurse came in to check her pulse/ox, BP and temp.  She was great, holding out her finger for the guy and then holding her arm up for the temp.  She wasn’t thrilled, however, when they had to switch her IV to the other hand as the original IV had clotted and backed up.

Her biggest complain, I think, though is that she’s bored out of her skull. We don’t have cable or satellite, so we don’t watch actual TV. Nickelodeon apparently shows mostly teeny-bopper dreck that ought to come with a surgeon general’s warning (“WARNING: It has been determined that watching this show will cause your brains to leak out your ears and most likely lead to questionable moral character and values”).  Cartoon Network also has nothing good to offer (and apparently airs a lot of non-cartoon shows now).   Jenn took a portable DVD player down with her this evening armed with several children’s DVDs.

Thank to everyone for their prayers and also those folk who are helping to feed us.  Thanks also to Becky for watching John today while my mom drove up and to my mother for changing all her plans to come up and help me take care of the kids not in the hospital.

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  1. I get busy one day and look at what I miss! Jason, it’s not a cliche to say I know your pain, and I’m hurting with you. This is the time when we give thanks the Spirit knows more about praying than our minds, because I don’t have sufficient words.

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