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I have a third generation Kindle (wifi only). My experience is mostly positive. My kindle does have a nasty habit of rebooting for no apparent reason while I’m reading. It also periodically refuses to wake up necessitating I hold the power switch over to force reboot it.

Other than those two pesky issues, it’s great. While I have purchased several books (and downloaded many more free one) I use a program called Calibre to convert all my old .lit and .rtf books so they’re usable on the Kindle. Since I tend to read multiple books simultaneously (both for business and pleasure) I love being able to have almost my entire library at my fingertips without carrying a suitcase of books everywhere I go.

If if weren’t for the two problems mentioned above, I’d say the Kindle was about perfect.

6 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Feedback

  1. I love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold a charge long enough and then takes a long time to fully recharge.

  2. I haven’t found that to be true for my experience. Granted I have the wifi only version. I cannot speak on the longevity of a kindle with the 3G option. Even with wifi enabled my battery will last at least a week. With wifi disabled, my battery life is quite extensive. As for recharge time, I’ve found that just a couple hours will recharge my battery completely.

    That’s not to say that you are not experiencing poor battery life. I’d recommend contacting Amazon about it. I’ve found their customer service to be quite responsive.

  3. If you use it all the time including the wifi, just keep it plugged up like a cell phone at nite. No Big Deal. I’ve never had a problem. I play games and listen to the mp3 player all the time too.

  4. I love my Kindle! I use audible! must of the time. I wish they would put and timer on it. At night it puts me to sleep! I do so how restarted alot.. this is a little problem.

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