All In a Day’s Work

Yesterday was sorting and packing.  With the exception of a few stragglers, I now have all my books packed and labeled.

Today was automotive repair.  Last summer our van’s A/C & Heat went out, both the front and rear.  I replaced the front blower motor last fall (as the weather was starting to get cold and we needed heat on our drive’s to school).   Today I tackled the rear A/C & heat.

The heat was simple matter of a blown fuse.  The A/C on the other hand was much different.  I had to take all the seats out of the van and remove most of the driver side interior panels.  There was also a significant amount of debris in the A/C conduit, so I had to dismantle that and clean it out.

Mission accomplished.  We now have A/C and heat throughout the vehicle.

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