Adventuring and Beyond


Yesterday my eldest daughter and I spent the day at the Kearney Area Game Fest. It is Central Nebraska’s FREE (and in my opinion Premier) game convention. I’ve had the privilege of attending for three years now and running events in the last two. I’ve run into quite a few folks who operated under the misconception that a gaming convention was a gambling event. The Kearney Area Game Fest is an event where people enjoy board games, table-top war/strategy games, collectible card games and role-playing games.

This year I’m running two separate gaming events. One using the Basic Fantasy Role-playing Game rules, another using the OSRIC system. Both are published under the Open Gaming license and freely available online. I enjoy open source software and open gaming license games. On the last Saturday of the month I run a campaign using the BFRPG rules at the Troll’s Den, a local gaming store.

I’ll post some pictures, hopefully later today, from my experiences at the game convention.

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