About God Part 1

Known Yet Unknowable

The agnostic says God is unknowable.  This is erroneous thinking and self refuting.  It assumes that God either cannot or will not reveal himself to man in a manner understandable by man.  This is itself a statement of knowledge (or belief) about God.  The agnostic view is therefore a self-refuting copout, one that can only be maintained through willful blindness and deafness.

God is Knowable

While human philosophy helped me reconcile some issues with my own faith, God is not ultimately knowable by any human means.  God must reveal Himself.  God has revealed Himself.  God has revealed Himself in what He has created (General Revelation).  God has also revealed Himself through the medium of language and deeds performed by Him alone (Special Revelation).

The only trustworthy source of Special Revelation is Holy Scripture, the Bible.  (The discussion on the trustworthiness of the Bible is one for a different time and actually comes before this topic in our Foundations Class).

God is Unknowable

While God has revealed himself both via general means (creation etc.) and special means (Scripture), we are also taught in Scripture that He hides himself.

Truly, you are a God who hides himself…
Isiah 45:15

We can know God truly.  We cannot, however, know God fully.  We’ll delve into the attributes of God in the future.  One of those is that God is infinite.  We are not.  There is necessarily a limit to how much the finite may know about the infinite.

God is therefore both knowable, and unknowable.  He has revealed Himself and we can know Him.  We cannot, however, claim to fully know the mind of God and should not presume such.  He reveals to us as much as we can comprehend.  The awesome thing here is that the more we know Him, the more of Him we are able to know.  It is my fervent desire to be saturated in His Word, to know him to the fullest of my limited abilities that I may know Him more and more.

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