A Real Pain

Nursemaid’s Elbow is the common name for a slight dislocation of the radius from a small child’s elbow.  It is commonly caused by pulling on a child’s outstretched arm (like when daddy’s hold their children by the hand and swing them around).  Today was Amie’s second experience with this injury.  Unfortunately, this time it also caused some ligament stretching and her arm hurts a whole heap.  She’s in a sling for about week.

Amie is one unhappy camper.

2 thoughts on “A Real Pain

  1. Ouch! My right elbow was dislocated as a kid by a dad swinging me around. Fortunately for me, the pain went away as soon as it was reset.

    The best part was that since it was my right arm, I didn’t think I could eat normally (I’m right handed), but convinced my parents I could probably handle eating ice cream with my left. Ice cream for dinner! Yay!

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