A Nice Day

Yesterday was a good, long day. I needed to get the kids out of the house. Jenn needs a break from the young’uns every once in a while and the front deck needed sanding (she’s much more the “handy man” than I). I took the older five down to the park on the south end of town. It is, creatively enough, named South Park – which always puts a grin on my face. Once there M & A1 went off to do some geocaching. A2, J and I headed to the playground near the pool. It wasn’t the play equipment that attracted them, but the WWII Sherman Tank placed there. The kids love to climb on it. I always feel a special … something … because my Paternal Grandfather (a D-Day survivor) spent his time in WWII keeping those things running for the U.S. Army. He passed away when I was in middle school and just being near one of them somehow makes me feel closer to him. One day I will see him again as he finally submitted his life to Christ toward the end of his time on earth. Of course, as we’ll both be in the presence of the One True Living God, I think we’ll have better things to do than discuss the pros and cons of the Medium Tank M4.

After wandering through South Park and tank hopping we headed over to the ball field on the south edge of the park. My older two had played T-Ball when they were younger, but the younger ones have had no experience with baseball at all. So we pretended to play the game as I taught them the basics. We took turns being pitchers, catchers, batters, basemen, etc. M managed to steal second off of me on one occasion and followed that up by hitting a Grand Slam in her next at bat. J actually did steal a base. I wasn’t paying attention, giving instructions to the others and he took off for third. The kids seemed to have a real blast playing shadow ball. I was happy about this. Next week we’re going to see a major league game and I was glad to see their interest in baseball increase.

We followed up our game of shadow ball by heading over to the other playground at the park. After spending some time there I took the kids to Dairy Queen for hamburgers, chicken strips, fries and chocolate sundaes. Once we’d all stuffed ourselves we headed across town to the Library for an hour or so.

I think I finally learned the secret of timing. Each location, each event we left just before they got tired of it, so they were still wanting more. We finally headed home and spent a leisurely afternoon, reading, playing computer games and running all the kids through the bath. In the evening the predicted storm finally hit. We sat outside for a while watching the lightning and reveling in the cool evening air.

It was a day I hope imbeds itself in my long term memory. I’d like to relive that one in my dotage.

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