A Guide to Sportsmanship

One of the things that bugs me about athletics in America is the dearth of good sportsmanship.  I do not enjoy watching most sports for this reason.  Bad sportsmanship seems to be the accepted norm be it youth or professional sports.

This, in my opinion, is simply one more symptom of the loss of true masculinity.

The Art of Manliness website has a great article on Good Sportsmanship.  I recommend reading this article be you male or female, young or old, athlete or spectator.

Be a Good Sport: Guide to Sportsmanship

5 thoughts on “A Guide to Sportsmanship

  1. I love the “Read it Later” feature in Firefox. I mark something to read later and it’s cached on my laptop, so I can read it at home, offline. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget why I was reading something or how I got to it.

    I loved that article! Can we find a way to apply it to church meetings and group Bible study?

  2. One of the best teachings I’ve seen on applying the principles from the article other aspects of our lives, including church meetings and Bible studies is the Peace Maker group study. We went through it a while back and it has very applicable Biblical principles for managing relationships and conflict, etc.

    At the very least, reading the book by the same title will help and individual. But if you really want to begin to change the DNA of a church or para-church group or organization, invest in the full study. It’s DVD driven, so all you really need is a host and/or a place to view the messages. It really was awesome stuff.

  3. The book by Ken Sande? Multnomah teaches a seminary class on conflict resolution that is 85% Sande’s material. One of the best classes I’ve taken. I’ll have to look into the DVD program.

  4. That’s the one. Glad you’re familiar with it. We had one of our denominational guys come up in my first year hear and lead a two day seminar on Conflict God’s way based entirely on the PeaceMaker material. Later our church actually went through the entire twelve session study together. And I used the principles boiled down in my 5th & 6th grace class last year. Good stuff.

  5. I’m writing a Bible-based curriculum for use in a residential rehab center. Right now, I’m working on a unit on attitude, based on matthew 5:3-11. We hadn’t planned an entire unit on conflict resolution, but your mention of PeaceMaker has me thinking of it. I know where my copy of the book is and can probably find the other materials somewhere in storage.

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