I learned a new word today:

per·i·pa·tet·ic [per-uh-puhtet-ik]

  1. walking or traveling about; itinerant.
  2. ( initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to Aristotle, who taught philosophy while walking in the Lyceum of ancient Athens.
  3. ( initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to the Aristotelian school of philosophy.


  1. a person who walks or travels about.
  2. ( initial capital letter ) a member of the Aristotelian school.

I’m helping to devise a Remote Worker Policy (or Telecommuting Policy) for a company and doing some research into what other firms have done, best practices, pitfalls, etc. I ran across this word in one of the documents.

I like it. One could say I am a peripatetic preacher as I tend to walk about while I preach.

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