More Tech Woe

Technology has decided that for my birthday it will screw with me.  To add insult to injury, I am unable to access my Facebook account.  I have a support ticket submitted.   Who knows how  long it will take them to act upon it.  In the meantime, you now know why you don’t see me on facebook.  Fortunately my blog is linked to Facebook, so all you Facebook friends can get this lovely message.

2 thoughts on “More Tech Woe

  1. I didn’t see you on facebook, though for an entirely different reason. I have an account, but haven’t quite figured out how or why I would “use” it for anything. Maybe one of these days…

  2. Well, as its a social networking site, if it is one from you past, I can understand not using that one. As for its use now…I can see several applications depending on the internet use of the people with whom you minister. There is a neat free pdf book on facebook use for pastors. I would expand that to include any ministry leader who’s target folk are on the internet a lot.

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